my wardrobe staples

Jan 31, 2017

Wardrobe Staples
Wardrobe staples. Something I am sure you have seen on a blog, typed into google, or pinned on Pinterest. The building blocks of a closet as I like to say. For me, I think wardrobe staples or basics can be different for everyone. I consider something a staple if I can make at least 10 other outfits with it, with pieces I already have in my closet. I have talked about this on here before, but I am all about cost per wear. It is how I do the bulk of my shopping. Sure trendy pieces I have no problem spending less on because I know I am probably only going to wear it a handful of times, but that is why it is a trend. For staple pieces I do tend to spend a little more, they are pieces that carry on from one season to the next, and year after year. I would definitely say that if you have done a closet clean out and want to start fresh, start investing in the basics first! I would much rather have a closet full of quality pieces that I can mix and match, rather than handfuls of trendy less quality items.

So let's break it down a little. For me, my outerwear needs have changed since moving to Georgia. I can now easily get away with a field jacket, a denim jacket, and a leather jacket. A trench coat is also a great basic outerwear piece, but I just haven't found a huge need personally. That could totally change if I found the right one!

The one piece I probably cannot stress enough to have in your closet is, a blazer!! You may think you won't wear it but trust me, it is a must. You can dress it up or down, jeans, dresses, skirts. Throw it on for parent teacher conferences, or drinks with the girls on a Friday night. It is polished and classic, so invest in a neutral color with a feminine fit! 

For tops I like to have a few on hand. Plan tees are a must, as is a striped option! But also a great crew neck sweater, and a white button down blouse are necessary. And I could probably live the rest of my days in turtlenecks. Once again, the outfit possibilities are endless, especially when you add in your outerwear layers. 

Bottoms are where I tend to go a little overboard. I probably have thirty plus pairs of jeans in my closet, but maybe five pairs of pants. This is when knowing your body is essential! A high waisted wide leg pant is a great fit for me, over a straight leg. I am a short girl with a booty in the back, so a great fitting straight leg pant is hard to find. However a high waist wide leg makes me look taller and leaner, so clearly I want that in my closet! 

Dresses. I actually do not own a ton of dresses. Like I said, I am a denim girl. But I do believe in having a couple great fitting dresses for any occasion. The LBD is a no brainer, also something you want to invest in. I would go for a mid length dress, which is must more appropriate for all different occasions. You can never go wrong with a classy lace option!

Let's move on to accessories. This is where classics reign supreme. A great pair of sunglasses, neutral style belts, and different size bags. For me a carry all bag is my day to day with the kids. But a cross body is what I reach for when I don't need to house barbies and toy cars.

As for is hard for me to say no to shoes. Shoes are my ultimate weakness. But if I had to choose a few pairs that work for all occasions I would say, a classic sneaker, a pointed toe flat, ankle boots, black pumps, and a strappy nude heel. I feel like these would mix and match with all the other basics, and could easily take you from season to season.

OKAY! So that was a lot of super boring shit....but I really feel like these are pieces that stand the fashion test of time! What am I missing? What are some of your staple pieces?

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weekends like this

Jan 30, 2017

Open Back Sweaters
I hate Monday for the fact that we are all running in different directions again, and of course will not all be back on the same page till the next weekend. But, I love Mondays because that means I get back into my mom groove. I usually lose that groove over the weekend. The one where I run around and pick up after people all day long, and clean every dish and pot after use so that I can walk into a clean kitchen in the morning. No no, on the weekends I say to hell with all that and just let the tornado of small beings run their course until I almost need to declare a state of domestic emergency. 
Casual Sneaker Outfits
Open Back Sweaters
sweater: old navy (sold out! check in-store) // jeans // sneakers // bag: zara 

This outfit was worn last weekend, this weekend was much too cold for a single layer. And by cold I mean a high of 50. Who am I? How quickly you acclimate to a new climate. Alaska friends you can gladly roll your eyes! 

But this weekend I had every intention of pulling out my big camera and taking pictures of the kids running around, our favorite coffee shop downtown, and whatever else I could snap......but camera batteries don't charge themselves is what I learned. If you follow me on snapchat (kelsey_pardonmf) you saw a good portion of it. 
Open Back Sweaters- Old Navy
Despite the wind chill we headed to the playground to work off some energy. Chris and I always feel slightly out of place at the park because we play on the playground more than the kids. It's one thing to run around and play with your own kids, but when other kids want to join in and ask to "sit on your lap" to go down the slide, you must reassess the situation. And run. 
Open Back Sweater Details
Casual Sneaker Outfits
We ended Saturday night with a little dance party in the living room. Also, I think we watched the movie Trolls no less than 10 times!! Have you seen it? I was expecting it to be super cheesy, but it was so cute! The music selection was great, and we were all on our feet dancing. We bought it on Apple TV, and there is a "play mode" which is like a little karaoke in your living room. Definitely worth seeing Chris do the d-a-n-c-e 1-2-3-4-5! 

And in honor of Justin Timberlake in Trolls, I will dedicate this post to him and bringing sexy back with this sweater. Get back back..... 

Okay. Goodbye. 

Since this exact sweater was sold out online, I found a ton of super cute open back sweaters:

5 thoughts on a friday

Jan 27, 2017

The glorious day that is Friday! The moment we all look forward to. A day that starts off much like a Thursday, but as the hours tick by it gradually gets more exciting. The excitement builds until that last backpack hits the floor after school pick up. And then the real fun begins. Or in this house everyone just loses their minds! Is it just my kids that feel the need to run and scream throughout the house once they are all reunited after school? It's a joyous time with dogs barking, and children frolicking, and me sitting with a smile plastered on my face because it is cheat night and mama is having wine! 

How was your week? 

Allow me to introduce you to something very exciting in the makeup world....MAC has come out with their own little lip kits, and I couldn't wait to pull the trigger on this one! MAC lipsticks and liners are like peaches and cream, coffee and creamer, peanut butter and jelly. This new little trio of lipstick heaven deserves to be celebrated! 

You know what else is cause for celebration? Me getting all my tax shit together this week. Chris and I divide and conquer, he gets all his stocks and whatnot in order, and I figure out the cheddar from this little space. Anyone else become overly paranoid when it comes to taxes? I just like to get it done and over with! 

Let's just keep jumping from subject to subject... do you read Unfancy? Caroline is truly one of my fav bloggers, and I love all the capsule wardrobes that she does. She makes it look effortless, where I would be like....I can't get dressed, I need more, or less, or nothing. But she puts together some really great outfits that would work for anyone! 

Have you seen the new kids line at Target? It's called Art Class, and I am obsessed. I was on their site the other day buying new bathroom rugs because Odette spilled nail polish on two of mine (totally my fault) and I am just glad it was the rugs and nowhere near the carpet. But anyway, the line is so cute. I love all the girls stuff, but Avalon is too little for those sizes. I did get the boys these sweats, these chinos, and these tees. I am hoping they come out with more pieces for boys!

Also hoping that the rain stays away this weekend. The temps are dropping the next few days, but I will take cold over rain. I am fine with layering up, as long as we are able to get out of the house! Ya know?

Alright, I'll stop wasting your screen time.....go forth and have a wonderful Friday!

bat woman

Jan 25, 2017

Classic Black Turtleneck Outfits
In what seems like my never ending quest to clean out my closet, yes it is still going on. Do you ever feel like once you start you can stop? It's like a Pringles commercial. This is how I go about everything in my life. Go big or go home. I either do something full force or not at all. It's not always a great quality to have, but it is what it is. 
Black Turtlenecks
Batwing Black Turtlenecks
So in this clean out I have realized that some of my favorite items are the more simple ones. Or even just the basics. I mean, there are some items, mostly sneakers that are a little off the wall but I don't wear those. They stay tucked away in their nice little boxes for who knows what reason. Ebay real estate? Probably. But I have had these Zara boyfriend jeans since before I had Ace! They are now my hands down favorite pair. The knee hole is overly ripped from me putting them on and my foot getting stuck there first and ripping it a little more each time. You know you've done it too!
Black Turtlenecks Blogger Style
Black Turtleneck Outfits
sweater: missguided // jeans: zara (super old) // clutch: target // shoes: guess

I am a collector of the black turtleneck variety, no two will ever be the same to me. And this batwing version is no different. I went up two sizes because I wanted a super relaxed fit. And it worked just the way I had hoped! Slouchy in all the right places, which also gives it great movement! 
Black Turtlenecks and Denim
Wardrobe Staple- Black Turtleneck
Not to mention, this is the perfect outfit combo for eating out. Which is where I wore it last weekend. A little Indian cuisine was on the menu, and stuffing my face meant mission accomplished! 

Cheers to the middle of the week my friends! 

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dog days of january

Jan 24, 2017

You know when you get to January and you are just kind of over the weather, or the school year, or the month? Is that just me? I truly have no room to complain about weather seeing as how we could be in negative temps in Alaska. But I am over the rain lately. I used to love the rain, like Seattle rain. The rain never bothered me when we lived in Washington. I actually loved it, I would open the windows and fill our little apartment with the smell of fresh rain and maybe a vanilla candle or two. But here you can't do that unless you want your house soaked and a tree branch or two to come flying in. And even that isn't the part that frustrates me, it's that Georgia clay! Our backyard is essentially a glorified fenced off section of woods. There was no clearing any of it. Actually if you follow our fence line you can see that it doesn't go in a straight line, it kind of weaves through the brush. But after it rains the dogs are covered in red clay/sand, and no matter how hard I try to wipe them down it still comes in the house. 
I didn't sign the kids up for any activities in January because at the time I thought we were moving. Rookie mistake! Which I guess isn't all bad. I enjoy having more time with them after school, but I know they are a little bored. Pierce and Ace express their extreme need "to go out and do something fun" and I'm like, homework? 
Then I inevitably send everyone outside to play and run off some energy, but do we need to revisit the red clay situation? Motherhood is also the definition of insanity, I'm telling you! 
Chris' schedule is also a little different this month with him being all over the place during the week and home on weekends. So he just wants to soak up as much time with everyone, bless his heart. And then there is me like, I think I'll go walk the aisles of Target, with a stop at Ulta, and then maybe sit quietly in the Starbucks parking lot. This song and dance always lasts an hour or two because somehow I miss the noise. 

January just gives off the feeling of a long month I think. The newness of the year starts to wear off and we are left with, what holiday is coming up? When is spring break? Should I look at bathing suits now or in another month? Is it too early to change my hair color? No never. 

I guess I could take advantage of all the Valentines Day decor and snag the Star Wars valentines before they sell out. 

another monday

Jan 23, 2017

Blush Color- Blush Coat - Blush Earrings
I think this weekend can be summed up with "crazy weather"!!! Tornadoes were in full effect in the south, and we were basically on a tornado watch all weekend. Thankfully nothing ever came of it in our area, but we did have some pretty serious wind and thunderstorms. Saturday morning Chris called me on his way home from the gym to have me run out and make sure the outside shed was locked, and as I was on the phone with him a branch fell and hit his car while he was driving. We lost a couple trees on the back of our property, and the ones closest to the house got a nice trimming! Truthfully, that is the scariest part for me. Whenever there is a storm and I look outside I see the huge trees in our backyard/forest swaying back and forth, I just imagine one of those bad boys coming down. Probably not the right mindset.... 
Blush Color Trend- Blush Coat - Blush Bauble Bar Earrings
blush coat: nordstrom rack // tee: vince // jeans: gap // boots: rag and bone (on major sale now) // earrings: baublebar // sunglasses: ray-ban // clutch: louis vuitton

These pictures were clearly taken on a weather friendly day and not on this weekends set of Twister. But as the temps bounce around like my children after an ice cream date, I can't help but cling to any and all signs of coat weather. I absolutely love this blush coat. I am not really one for pink, but there are a few pieces that catch my eye and I can't help but incorporate them. 

Also, winter whites will forever be a year around thing for me. I know, so daring with four kids, but if we are being honest here I am more of a threat to them than my children are. Being the clumsiest person ever means I drop or spill or fall much more often than any child. Bleach and I have quite the relationship. 
Blush Color- Blush Outfits- Blogger Style
We ate out more than I care to admit this weekend, basically because last weeks solo parenting stint had me all cooked out. I spent a good part of yesterday preparing a bunch of whole30 foods that would last a few days, since I will be flying solo again this week. The kids' new favorite breakfast is almond banana pancakes with date syrup, so I made a batch to freeze for the week (thanks Laurie for the tip). 

Other than that the weekend was pretty low key. How was yours? We did finally get a move date to Savannah, did I tell you that is where we are moving next? And I am so happy that we were able to move it closer to when school is getting out. That was a huge thing for me, so I am happy it worked out with all the schools Chris is going to the next couple months. Now I just need to find a little sanity and hold on to it for dear life. 

Or join a wine of the month club. 

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weekend steals & deals

Jan 21, 2017

The sales....they don't stop on weekends. If anything they (who's they?) ramp those babies up, and my insomnia is never one to say no to a little click bait. And knowledge is shopping power my friends, so consider yourself in the know because these sales are pretty good! Home decor, shoes, clothing --let's do this!

more sales:
j. crew extra 40% off sale 
sole society up to 60% off winter style (many of which you can totally take into spring)
west elm 25% off select items 
urban outfitters 25% off select home items (there are some real gems!)
loft extra 50% off site wide
banana republic up to 40% off select items 
old navy up to 50% off best sellers 

links + loves

Jan 20, 2017

The look of these two like, what up Friday? Can't say I don't feel the same. Friday just feels good. I remember before I had kids in school I would think, Friday really doesn't look any different than my Monday-Sunday. But now, there is just something about knowing that tomorrow I do not have to wake up four kids, get them dressed, brush their teeth, do their hair, oh ya feed them, and load them in the car. Usually with two or more protesting along the way. I guess that's what makes the weekend so sweet. And I can also act like I hear nothing and let Chris jump in. ha! 

Anyway, allow me to share what am loving on the world wide web. 

-A huge congrats to my blog friend Grace and the announcement of her sixth baby! Six, yes, and she makes it all look so fun and wonderful and put together.....the list goes on.  

-Kait laid out some great tips on shopping for home decor, and I totally love her colorful island vibe in her new house. 

-Speaking of home decor, Laurie posted such a cool DIY for some massive wall letters that you need to see! 

-I am also loving this cauliflower salad that Rachel posted, that would be super easy to make whole30!

-I came across this short article online about what they don't tell you about becoming a parent. I found it totally interesting, and think there is some truth to it as well. 

-I kind of took a break from reading the last couple weeks (shame on me) but I just ordered these two books (here and here) and I can't wait for them to get here. Thank you Amazon Prime. 

-I have been obsessed with Tailwind lately! If you haven't heard of it, go check it out. It is basically the biggest time saver for all your Pinterest needs. Seriously! You can schedule all your blog pins, and much more in just one sitting. I went ahead and signed up for the whole year because it is just that fun! It took me a minute to get the hang of it, but now I am just pinning left and right. If you want to help grow your blog, and up your traffic I totally suggest signing up!

-On a shopping front, I am loving these new arrivals all under $100 -- these pants, this patterned tunic, this super cute fringe sweatshirt, and these spring trendy slides!

-This jumpsuit came in the mail this week, and if the temps stay on their current path I will be pulling it out sooner rather than later. But it is so soft and comfy! 

And with that I say IT'S THE FREAKIN WEEKEND AND I'M ABOUT TO HAVE ME SOME WINE! (i live for a cheat day) 

Over and out!


Jan 19, 2017

Print mixing- gingham
This short week has me like, how is it already Thursday? But I am excited that it is because I haven't seen Chris all week. He started another school or course or whatever, and tomorrow can't come fast enough. It's not that I had a hard week solo, I actually do pretty well when it is just me and I have my own little routine going with the kids' schedules. But you know, you just want them around. This is just week one of many more solo weeks, so I am trying not to dwell on it. I did find another binge worthy show on Netflix, The Travelers. Have you seen it? There is only one season but it is really good! I don't even like sci-fi that much, but this one has a great storyline. 
Print mixing- gingham
blazer: banana republic // top: old navy (from last summer) // pants: tobi c/o
shoes: splendid // bag: cult gaia // earrings: marciano 

I wore this outfit to a dinner party last weekend, and I am thinking this will be one of the last times I wear any kind of layers. It has been in the high 70's low 80's all week and we switched back into shorts. I can't keep up. Not that I am complaining of a little warmth, but I did just purchase some new sweaters so I am hoping the temps dip it low! 
How to style gingham prints
I have also really been into statement earrings lately. I kind of gave up on jewelry when Odette was going through her grabby phase, but now she is somewhat over it and wants to be miss independent so I figure a little sparkle here and there won't hurt. And earrings seem to be the easiest piece to wear. These and these are on my list! 
Gingham plaid
Well, I would continue this but Avalon just came downstairs and said that little dinosaurs woke her up. So that's my cue. 

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drugstore concealers

Jan 18, 2017

Best Drugstore Concealers
Oh, add this to a topic I could talk forever about. Concealer. Truth be told, I didn't think concealer was necessary for the longest time. Largely in part to the fact that I didn't know how to use it. I don't really have dark circles, so I always felt like my foundation did a pretty good job at coverage. But when I started using concealer as a highlighter my eyes really opened...get it? Concealer...undereyes...opened....

Okay, lets move on. 

I have no problem paying for a great high end concealer, but I have found that some of my favorites live in the aisles of the drugstore. I switch up my makeup routine so often based on what look I am going for, so having many different concealers at my fingertips is necessary....or wanted. Here are four drugstore choices that are great buys for any of your concealer needs. 
Best Drugstore Concealers
ONE: Revlon Photoready. This is one of the newer ones I picked up, and it really surprised me. The texture is very soft and easy to apply. I got the lightest shade in this one, and it is great for a highlighter! I like that it has a more matte finish, but without being drying.

TWO: Loreal Truematch. This is another one that is kind of new to me, but very worth it to have in your makeup bag. This is the lightest color, but it actually matches my skin tone perfectly! I also like that this line has so many colors to choose from that you are sure to find something that matches yours. I like this on the days that I want that "makeup but no makeup feel". I don't want a highlight, I just want to look slightly awake and put together.

THREE: Maybelline Age Rewind. I have been incorporating this one into my makeup routine for over a year now. I never thought it would live up to the hype, but it really is great. I like that it is more hydrating, yet doesn't soak into my pores. Also with this one, this is the lightest shade and it matches my skin tone so I don't use it as a highlight, but more for a cover-up.

FOUR: Maybelline Master Conceal. Dare I say this is my favorite of the bunch? I mean they all serve their purpose, but I reach for this one almost daily (maybe more than my beloved NARS concealer)! The texture is amazing, and a little goes a loooong way! I did get the lightest shade in this one because I wanted it to highlight my under eye area. It does that and so much more. If you have been looking for an affordable concealer I would definitely suggest trying this one.

What concealer are you loving?

the calm (after) the storm

Jan 17, 2017

Pardon My French- a lifestyle blog
Alright, back into the week! How was everyone's weekend? I hope great! We sure did pack a lot into a few days. Maybe more than my house can handle because it sure took a beating, and now I am left standing in the eye of the storm like...where do I begin? What does one clean first? How many loads of laundry should I even consider, because getting it folded and put away in a timely matter is laughable, so no need to set myself up for failure right? 
Pardon My French- a lifestyle blog
Yesterday we had a pretty chill day. Everyone took their time waking up, and we headed out for some coffee and smoothies when Chris got home from the gym. On the way home the kids wanted to stop and play some baseball and soccer at our usual field. I really love days like that because all the kids just to their own thing. Odette and Avalon usually want to explore in the woods. The boys will play catch and kick the ball around for a little bit before they are off with their walkie talkies barking directions at each other. 
Pardon My French - a lifestyle blog
It was a nice way to end the weekend. Saturday we had Ace's birthday party with some of his friends. I tried to throw some videos up on snapchat, but I am always so weary of putting other peoples kids on social media. Is that just me? Like I don't want to be that mom. I also didn't bring my big camera because I figured I wouldn't even have a second to pull it out with the girls being there too. I was right. Odette was off and running from the moment we walked in. And getting her and Avalon in the same area at the same time to play the same game was impossible. Avalon wanted to do things with the boys but she was too little to play laser tag and bumper cars, which went over about as well as you can imagine. But, I was pretty impressed with the staff that helped with the party. They were totally on top of getting the kids from one area to the next, and handing out pizza, and moving right on into the cake. It was wonderful. (we had it at stars and strikes if you are in the columbus area, totally recommend for kids parties). 
Pardon My French - mom blog- lifestyle
Pardon My French - mom blog- lifestyle
The weekend gods were shining down on me because after that party we had a dinner party to go to with some friends from Chris' class and some of the instructors, and the girls granted me a nice car nap. We ran home got everyone cleaned up, ran the dogs outside, and back out we went. 
Pardon My French - lifestyle blog - motherhood
Sunday, as much as I should have been cleaning and prepping food for the week, I didn't. We took a family nap in the afternoon. 

But! Chris and I did watch a few good movies this weekend. I blame all the late afternoon coffees. We watched The Accountant with Ben Affleck. I didn't think I was going to like it, but it was pretty good! We also watched Deepwater Horizon, which brings you right back to 2010 and seeing all those news stories. But what an incredible story! And finally we watched The Dressmaker. What a movie! Now I want to read the book. Kate Winslet is so great in this movie, and the fashion is unmatched.....along with the dark undertone. But all great movies in my opinion. Have you seen any of them? 

...........and this post jumped all over the place, but that's a pretty accurate depiction of my brain right now!

weekend steals & deals

Jan 15, 2017

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend, I must admit I am a little tired after yesterday's all day long festivities, but I am here to rally. Particularly when it comes to shopping! There are some serious deals going on this weekend. I know, I know, I said I wasn't going to shop things just because they were on sale. But many items that I had my eye on are being included, so that deserves a pass...right? And I had to make an exception for the Target home sale! I forced Chris to stop on our way home from Ace's party yesterday (thankfully half the children were sleeping), but everything I wanted was sold out in store. So online to the rescue! I also couldn't pass up the Asos sale because they are doing up to $75 off your entire order. 

Anyway, here are some of my sale picks and items I purchased! 

more sales:

target home up to 25% off
asos up to 75% off
j.crew up to 70% off sale 
old navy up to 50% off site wide 
banana republic 40% off regular priced items, 50% off sale 
gap 40% off your purchase, includes the winter sale items (serious deals for the kids!!!!)

5 thoughts on a friday

Jan 13, 2017

Hell yes, Friday I love you!! I love you even more because Chris has off. He has a four day weekend and I can barely contain my excitement! I feel a nap in my future. But lets jump right in to five of my random thoughts....
-This was the only picture taken yesterday at Chris' graduation (he graduated the captains career course). Wait, that isn't true. Ace snapped one of Chris and I but you can't see our faces. Anyway it was a very chaotic 90 minutes of my life. I have attended way too many graduations, ceremonies, and whatever other functions Chris asks me to come out of hiding for (I am not active in the army community) in the 11 years we have been together. But yesterday might take the cake in craziness. The one and only speaker for the graduation decided to give an hour long speech, accompanied with thirty powerpoint slides. I have never seen this done at a graduation before. His mic volume didn't seem to project to the back of the auditorium, which is my safe zone with four kids. I need to be near an exit! So for sixty minutes it was quite the task to get my kids to sit, when they kept looking at me like "what is he talking about?". I will say that I think my kids lasted the longest. I also have the most children, and the oldest children out of Chris' entire graduating class (instructors included). There were about ten newborns and lots of panicked new moms whipping out their boobs to try and make it through the ceremony. I've been there. I totally get it. I on the other hand was whipping out lollipops like Willy Wonka! The kids made it long enough in thier seats to see Chris accept his awards and get his certificate. And then we booked it to a vacant hallway outside the audatorium for a few games of tag while we waited. They rushed through the rest of the graduates and set everyone free. You could see the relief on all the moms faces who were standing in the back doing the bounce, sway, rock motion with their sweet babes. We grabbed Chris and said "where did you park?" then split the kids in half and said see ya at home! 

-Tomorrow we have Ace's birthday party at a little arcade/bowling place here is Columbus, and I am slighting nervous about keeping track of my kids and ten of his friends. I know some parents are staying, but I feel like it should be appropriate to have wine served at these establishments. 

- I got a few questions from Wednesday's post on where I like to sell my clothes. I like Poshmark, and Thredup. I feel like I get the best prices for my clothes, and really all the hassle is taken out. Poshmark you do a little more work because you list your own clothes and then have to ship them (all you have to do is print the shipping label), but for the items that I had in my closet that still had tags on them, I felt like that is a good place. 

-A couple weeks ago I shattered my brand new iPhone screen. I think I had the phone a couple weeks, maybe? And no I didn't have a case on it. I know, shame on me. But the phone has now been replaced and I know I should have one of those crazy bullet proof box phone case things that Chris has, but I always gravitate towards cute, not practical. I love this sushi phone case. I happen to be a pinot girl myself, but this merlot phone case is super cute! In honor of us staying in Georgia for the next few years, this peach case might be cute too!

-Originally we were supposed to be moving next week, but the Army was like...ehh since we have you here we will send you to a few more schools. So Chris has this weekend off and then it is back into the craziness for the next couple months. I guess that gives me time to brush up on my solo parenting skills.

And take a nap this weekend. I am definitely taking a nap!

I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend, party hard!

dawn to dusk eye palette

Jan 12, 2017

Gold Smokey Eye Tutorial
I love an easy smokey eye, I don't think I can stress the easy part enough. I mean, I love the look of a glamorous amazingly blended ombre smokey eye. But, reality is I am usually doing a smokey eye with at least two children in the bathroom with me and the likelihood of me being bumped or pulled or something flying through the air is very high! So I tend to stick to simpler neutral tones that don't have to be applied with a steady hand. And can be worn from day to night. 
Gold Smokey Eye Tutorial
I am a neutral eye shadow hoarder! And mainly of the palette variety. I need another eye shadow palette like I need a whole in the head, but for this look I used a new one by Stowaway. This is not sponsored. I like that this palette is small, but has all the colors you could need. The idea behind the brand is to make travel size products, not huge containers. And who can say no to a little more counter space?
Stowaway Smokey Eye Tutorial
I used the Dawn to Dusk palette, and tried my best to outline how I used the colors above. I doubled majored in psychology and counseling, not graphic design so I apologize for my novice attempt. Hopefully you get the idea. 
Gold Smokey Eye Tutorial
I have also been using Jouer lip creme's non-stop lately. I have wanted to try them for awhile now, but again, I need no more lipsticks. I decided to get a couple to try out and they are fantastic! I really feel like I have tried every liquid or cream lipstick on the market (except for the Kylie lip things, I haven't had the desire to try those) and these are now ranking at the top of my list!
Gold Smokey Eye Tutorial
I kept the rest of my makeup routine pretty much the same, and will link everything I used below!

logo tee in the winter

Jan 11, 2017

Streetstyle- Adidas tee
Middle of the week! Insert happy dance here....

I feel like I am finally getting back into the groove this week. Has it taken anyone else this long? Holiday hangover threw me for a loop last week and I was just all over the place. My mood was less than stellar as well, and I have had to sincerely apologize to my children and Chris for my lack of decorum. But I am back to my obnoxious crazy self this week and all is good....or better. 
Layer a tee for winter
I mentioned in a post last week how I am tackling getting organized this month. I am still in closet mode. I am not joking when I tell you I am probably getting rid of 65% of my closet. I know. I really, really, really, want to start fresh. Since moving to Georgia I have really cut down on my spending. I don't know what Alaska did to me, but man, I clearly just sat in front of my computer and bought shit.  Whether I liked it or not because I was looking at some items in my closet did you get here? Are you lost? 
2017 Outfit Trends
I know it sounds so stupid and simple, but I really just want to get to the point that I am only buying things that I truly love. Not just like, not oh I can make it work, not it's on sale so why not? But love. I have already seen my impulse shopping habits at work. Now, I will browse and add to cart, then I will just walk away. When I look at the cart again I'm 
Styling a tee in winter
Adidas tee- J. Crew Turtleneck- Nordstrom Coats
Hi, my name is Kelsey and I have been a shopaholic since 1987. It really truly is embarrassing. But, new year, old me, with a few updates. This outfit is made up of some of my truly favorite things, and many pieces you have seen me remix. I layered my favorite turtleneck with a tee, and it became Georgia winter friendly. This coat I think I wore once in Alaska, so shame on me. Anyone remember back in the blogging day when style bloggers would do those 30 day challenges? I am not on that scale, or even on a capsule wardrobe type thing, I just want to be more mindful about what I am buying. More quality, less trendy pieces. So adult of me right? Only took almost thirty years. But this is not a resolution, so don't hold me to this if I fail next month. Okay?

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